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This page includes a sample of Coy’s published works. Coy Barefoot is a Wall Street Journal and best-selling and award-winning author. He is currently wrapping up work on his first novel, Aeneas, a southern adaption of Vergil’s classic Roman epic, The Aeneid. He has also started work on a true crime graphic novel and has plans for a series of documentary DVDs that explore the history of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia.





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Thomas Jefferson on Leadership was first published in 2002 by Plume, a division of the Penguin Group. A second edition was released in 2008 by Mariner Publishing. The book explores the life and letters of Thomas Jefferson through the window of leadership. At the heart of Jefferson’s message to free people everywhere is a call to action: “Come forward then, and give us the aid of your talents and the weight of your character…” It’s a plea for citizens to step up, get involved, and do our part to nurture democracy, leaving it stronger for those who will come after us. Coy writes, “Circumstances of history present every generation with new challenges that demand a reinvigorated commitment to the preservation of liberty and the cultivation of inspired individuals to lead the fight. Leadership is no academic enterprise. Freedom is never a guarantee.”Read an Excerpt

The Quixtar Revolution was released in 1999 by Prima Publishing, now  a division of Random House. In its first week, the book was a Wall Street Journal and best-seller. It has since been published in French, Czech, Korean, and Russian. An early look at the impact of the Internet on culture and commerce, Coy helped to demystify the emerging Digital Age at a time when most people were taking their first cautious and curious steps into the online world. He introduced tens of thousands of readers around the world to the potentials of the Internet, e-commerce and online marketing. Revealing his training as an anthropologist, Coy put the Internet revolution into context by briefly chronicling the long story of cultural and technological innovation. He explored the history of computers, the development of the Internet, and the Web’s enormous potential impact on business— all in the simple, uncomplicated voice that has made him popular with so many readers.

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The first edition of The Corner: A History of Student Life at the University of Virginia was published by Howell Press in 2001. A second edition was reissued in 2010 by the UVA Alumni Association. The book has won the Nalle Prize for Outstanding History and continues to be one of the more popular works for which Coy is known. Based on many years of archival research and personal interviews, Coy recounts the history of Mr. Jefferson’s University and Charlottesville. The book includes numerous never-before-published photographs and shares stories from nearly 200 recorded oral histories. Coy speaks often to Alumni Clubs around the country and teaches a course at UVA about the history of the University.Read an Excerpt

R.J. Duke Short worked closely with Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina for over 30 years— the last 15 of which as his Chief of Staff. After Thurmond retired and shortly before the he passed away at age 100, Short launched a four-year project to tell the Senator’s story in a deeply candid way that had not been done before. The result was The Centennial Senator: True Stories of Strom Thurmond from the People Who Knew Him Best (published in 2008). Coy Barefoot served as the principal researcher and editor on the book. He conducted and transcribed dozens of oral history interviews with Senator Thurmond’s close friends and advisors, and former staff. Coy collected stories of the Senator from President George H.W. Bush and President George Bush, and conducted one of the final interviews of President Gerald Ford before he passed away. Coy also interviewed every member of the U.S. Supreme Court and numerous members of the U.S. Senate and House. The book is a fascinating, funny and touching collection of first-hand accounts of one of the 20th century’s most indomitable political figures.

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Since 2007 Coy Barefoot has accepted an annual invitation from the Virginia Writers Club to contribute a sample of his recent work for the Blue Ridge Anthology. The Anthology showcases the poetry and prose of writers from throughout Central Virginia. Coy has regularly contributed passages from his novel-in-progress, Aeneas.

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Coy has authored a number of cover stories for Virginia Magazine, the quarterly publication of the Alumni Association at the University of Virginia. Among the most noteworthy was this Spring 2008 feature exploring the history of the honor system at UVA, The Evolution of Honor: Enduring Principle, Changing Times. Based on his nearly 20 years of archival research and interviews, this landmark article remains the most comprehensive and definitive history of honor at Virginia.Read the Article


Coy’s novel in progress is an adaptation of the classic Roman epic, The Aeneid by Vergil. In twelve short books, the masterful poet recounted the adventures of Aeneas, the legendary founder of Rome. “Arma virumque cano…” the Latin begins, “I sing of wars and the man…” Coy’s novel is also told in twelve short books— each of which is modeled on that same book in The Aeneid. The novel follows the adventures of three generations of a southern family as it explores those same themes and ideas at the heart of Vergil’s epic: family, loyalty, country, patriotism, faith, love, death, and more.

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